Business Philosophy-We expect to offer the best solution for car owners to clean and maintain vehicles, and to provide a variety of products with reasonable prices for customers with different needs, so that everyone can choose the most suitable way for them to take care of their cars.Meanwhile, we start to operate YouTube channel and launch a large number of auto-detailing videos which contain our experience and knowledge to make it easier and faster for start-up customers.

Our Promises-Most of K-WAX’s products have passed SGS inspections, met the requirements of EU RoHs and complied with nearly 200 regulations as well, moreover, all the inspec tion results and reports have been uploaded to our official website so that customers can easily check online. We have not only completed the MSDS material safety and quality report but also all product had insured 100 million product liability insurance by The First Insurance Co., Ltd. K-WAX’
s customer-oriented philosophy is to create value with our customers in order that we can achieve long-term partnership with customers, furthermore, we are able to deal with a wide range of issues that others unable to through our professional technical support and diversified solutions.

Future Development-K-WAX has professional R&D team and production equipment, and is committed to continuous innovation and change. We strictly control the quality of our products in order to challenge top domestic and foreign brands, make customers enjoy flagship quality at an affordable price, and continue to establish the example for the industry. And of course, to keep ourselves better, everyone is welcome to monitor our products strictly.

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